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Art Direction, Branding, Logo Design, UX UI Design, Video and Visual Production, Web Application For BnA Alther Museum, Web Design


For the BnA Hotel, "BnA Alter Museum" project - an Artwork in which you can sleep in Kyoto - , we realized the branding, website, brand movie and room guide app.

Website like Museum

This overnight museum was designed by 15 Artists and 9 Art Directors, who created 31 Art works "in which you can sleep in" and a vertical gallery of 30 meters high. To express the depth of this "place for experimentation that is nor a museum, nor a hotel", we chose to play around the minimal concept of a white cube, inspired by the architecture of the building.

Logo Design

As BnA provided a white canvas for Artist's expression in the "BnA Alter Museum" project, we decided to use the shape of Kyoto's, Tenmacho area (Kagyoku district) where the hotel is located as the logo base to express the freedom given to Artists and guests. In addition, the angle of the lines in the typographie mimicked the ones of Kawaramachi street, facing the 「BnA Alter Museum」, emphasizing the fact that Kyoto is a community where many fulfilling experienced can be lived.

Brand Movie

For the brand movie we created, the central theme was “Liminal”, which means threshold of perception. The "BnA Alter Museum" enables to experience liminality, that makes the border with reality unclear due to the extraordinary experiences and sensations felt by the guests using VFX technology. Liminality is a feeling, a state of mind, a physicality, a sensation, an idea somewhere in between reality and unworldly perception, simultaneously forming, un-forming, at the threshold of transformation. The question is: what is reality?


The Team Creative Director & Front-End Engineer: Ryo Miyakawa Project Manager & Web Planner & Application Planner & Designer & Back-End Engineer: Tomoki Inaguma Art Director & Designer: Jin Okuma Designer: Mirai Koyama Application Engineer: Tatsumi Akahori Still: Keisuke Inoue Videos Director: Artem Skiy Producer: Chace Fedor Production Assistant: Julie Guillot VFX: Ruben Frosali RubenFro Music: Roly Porter