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Animation And Web Design for Mercari Sans


Mercari is a Japanese E-commerce company operating globally to create a community-powered marketplace where anyone can buy and sell. monopo was responsible for producing the animation and developing the website for Mercari’s corporate font “Mercari Sans”.

CONTEXT Transforming the brand perception of Mercari through animation and website

The brief was to create a trustworthy and fun brand perception of Mercari using graphics and motion as well as showcase the personality of their new font. The concept of the website is “Feel First”- instead of using verbal explanations, we have emphasized the personality of the font and translating it into the Mercari brand at a glance. monopo was tasked with producing the Mercari Sans animation and website.

ART DIRECTION Creating an authentic, fun and trustworthy animation

Mercari Sans was designed by legendary typeface design company Monotype. Together with them and the Mercari design team, we developed a website and made an animate video highlighting the font’s characteristics . The movie features smooth circular animations to show the subtle details that make Mercari Sans a unique typeface. The website completes the description by showing several type applications and a section that lets users try the font by typing their own words as well as adjusting size, tracking and leading.

SUMMARY Overall composition and balance adjustments

To present the change that was made to Mercari Sans, it was vital for monopo to use graphics and motions to showcase Mercari’s fun personality. The alternative “a”, the rounded corners, and the curvatures of “m” and “b” were strongly conveyed, so balancing the timing and overall structure was the most challenging part of the project.


The Team Client: Mercari Producer: Kenta Takahashi Animator: Michele Angeloro Partners Creative Direction: Mercari Creative Lead (Yoshiko Miyakami, Gai Inoue, Woo Jeongun, Akiko Kurono, Sonoka Sagara), Takram (Kinya Tagawa, Taro Yumiba) Art Director: Takram (Taro Yumiba) Typeface Design: Akira Kobayashi and Monotype Studio Front-End Developer: Misaki Nakano Sound: MELODYPUNCH