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Creative Direction, Social Media Content, Video and Visual Production For Waso 19AW


“WASO” is a Shiseido global skincare brand inspired by the philosophy of washoku (Japanese cuisine). monopo was responsible for planning and executing the 2019 AW season campaign, including the production and creative direction behind the social media communications strategy, key visuals, social media content, and the brand video for the campaign.

BRIEF WASO: The Skin Care Brand Born From Japanese Philosophy

Containing high-quality ingredients derived from nutrients found in Japanese cuisine, washoku-inspired skincare brand WASO finds its roots in Japanese culture. To effectively communicate that essence to their targeted audience, the 2019 AW Campaign aimed to reinforce WASO’s brand philosophy to further engage a global audience. Targeting demographics spanning from younger Millennials to Gen Z, we developed a revitalized communication and creative branding strategy primarily focused on Instagram.

APPROACH Delivering the “Character of Contemporary Japan” through the “YAKUMIX” Campaign

The 2019 AW YAKUMIX product launch campaign was inspired by colorful traditional Japanese spices and dishes such as wasabi and momiji oroshi (a traditional side dish of grated white radish and chili pepper. While there are many well-known and popular symbols of traditional Japanese culture, to better connect and sympathize with our target audience, we decided to focus on expressing the “Character of Contemporary Japan.” We found inspiration in “karuta”, a Japanese game which is not well-known overseas, as a creative motif to evoke a globally-minded, pop, and modern aesthetic.

PRODUCTION Producing Various SNS-Friendly Content

Instagram In addition to brand and product visuals, our campaign strategy also included collaborating with various influencers, producing “karuta”-inspired content, and CG content. By diversifying the type of content, the six-month long 2019 AW campaign is able to continually engage and involve the target audience with the YAKUMIX concept.

Brand Movie and Key Visuals

In accordance with our creative concept, the brand movie we produced was inspired by karuta, a game that is well-known in Japan. The video features two cast members playing their own version of a skincare karuta match based off WASO’s step-free skincare. While expressing both the power of simple ingredients and a pop-modern aesthetic which uses Japanese ingredients as inspiration, we focused on producing a colorful and playful aesthetic that could draw in a younger audience.


The Team Creative Director: Lessa Chung (monopo) Creative Planner & Contents Producer: Asako Tomotani (monopo) Contents Producer: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo) Partners Agency: NEWPEACE Inc. Brand Vision Producer: Asuka Otani (NEWPEACE Inc.) Art Director & Designer: Hiroka Hasegawa (H inc.) Director: Kyotaro Hayashi (DRAWING AND MANUAL) Assistant Director: Yuka Yamaguchi (DRAWING AND MANUAL) Cinematographer: Ryo Saito (amanaphotography) Light: Naoto Tanoue Stylist: Bunta Shimizu Makeup: Reiko Ito (SHISEIDO) Hair: Jun Nakamura (SHISEIDO) Art: Mayumi Okamoto Food Stylist: Yuko Nakazawa Model: MEGUMU Model: RINA HAGAI Sound: Satoshi Murai Editor: Kotomi Kawasaki (IMAGICA Lab) Production Producer: Hiroki Goto (wonderactive)